project 5. Will you eat your parents?

date. 2/2018

size.  variable sizes


This project examines the life of our future as a society, its purpose is to ask questions about death, burial, material, and attachment.

'Saturn' is a family of products that deals with the burial ceremonies of the future. Saturn Pod is a burial coffin that discomposes the human body in 1 month from the burial day.

The decomposing process works with a newly synthesized mushroom that was developed in 2016. in the next 30-90 days, the pod becomes a farming pod for edible mushrooms. Giving us a way to recycle our most expansive material, our own body.

Beside the burial pod, 'Saturn' is a family of speculative products that ask the more questions about our life on this planet, the next world and our purpose as an individual and as a society.

Saturn Side products

Are we in the point of no return yet?

How a day in our life will look like?

The infinity mushroom - TED talk

inspiration & motives